iPhones upgraded to iOS 16.1 randomly disconnect from WiFi network

Like Microsoft and Google, Apple is no stranger to iOS bugs, as any larger firmware update could reserve all sorts of problems for iPhone and iPad fans.

For example, Apple released iOS 16.1 last week , adding new features like Live Activities, Matter and iCloud Shared Photo Library, along with the ability to subscribe to Apple Fitness Plus without having an Apple Watch. The update also fixed a rather significant vulnerability in the Siri assistant service , which could have allowed hackers to record your conversations. Unfortunately, iOS 16.1 also came with bugs of its own, one of which caused it to disconnect for no apparent reason from your WiFi network.

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First reported on the MacRumors website, the issue reported by quite a number of iPhone users on social media and Apple support forums blamed intermittent WiFi operation, with the phone appearing to lose connection momentarily even when wireless coverage was within optimal parameters. The one thing all these users have in common is the recent update to iOS 16.1 firmware, available since last week.

The automatic disconnection and reconnection to WiFi seems to occur throughout the day, possibly with undesirable effects on battery life.

In the absence of an official response from Apple, the unofficial solution seems to be a visit to the Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services section. Under the System Services section at the bottom of the page you should uncheck the Networking & Wireless option.

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