iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra could feature a 2,500 nits brightness display

Apple uses mainly Samsung screens, with LG and BOE panels “backup” or for lower models. Last year, the US company seems to have ordered the best performing screens in Samsung’s portfolio, as the iPhone 14 Pro can reach up to 2,000 nits brightness, while Samsung models max out at 1,750 nits even on the new S23 Ultra. But it seems Apple isn’t stopping there, with new rumours suggesting that the next flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max’s screen will be even brighter.

Apple will try to further differentiate the top iPhone 15 Pro Max model from the lower-end ones

According to ShrimpApplePro, a well-known industry leaker who often provides information about Apple products, the iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra?) could come with a new screen that outperforms all other screens in the smartphone market. It could offer brightness of 2,500 nits, and will also be produced by Samsung.

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This could be Apple’s strategy to justify having an Ultra model, which could offer multiple improvements over the standard Pro, at a higher price. Currently the 14 Pro and Pro Max differ only in screen and battery size, otherwise offering identical specs in processing or photo/video performance.

An iPhone 15 Ultra, with a much brighter screen but also an optical zoom camera based on a periscopic lens, could be a pretty good reason to upgrade to a higher model.

Most likely, the new iPhone’s screen won’t reach 2,500 nits under normal use, just as the 14 Pro Max doesn’t reach 2,000 today. Only in bright light when the screen is set to auto brightness is this performance currently possible, and most likely this feature will be retained on the next model.

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In general, manufacturers report maximum brightness in HDR content playback on a small portion of the screen. Brightness over the entire screen, even in HDR, is usually much lower than the maximum value in the specification list.

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