iOS 17: Apple devices will soon take over speaking for you

(What: Apple GAAD)

(What: Apple / GAAD)

On the occasion of Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 18th, which drew attention to the inclusion of people with disabilities, Apple is introducing two features for iOS 17: Live Speech and Personal Voice.

These accessibility features are scheduled for release later this year. But what exactly is behind it?

Live Speech

With Live Speech you can write with the keyboard and the iPhone, iPad or Mac speaks the text for you. This function is primarily intended for people who can no longer speak or who are gradually losing their speech.

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A press release from Apple states the Live Speech function:

With Live Speech on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, users can just type what they want to say and have it read aloud in phone calls, FaceTime calls, and face-to-face conversations. Users can also save frequently used phrases to quickly engage in lively conversations with family, friends and co-workers.

Live Speech and Personal Voice (Source: Apple)

Live Speech and Personal Voice (Source: Apple)

Personal Voice

For people who may soon lose their speech, iOS 17 also offers the Personal Voice feature. These include, for example, people who suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), above all the well-known scientist Steven Hawking was ill.

With Personal Voice, Apple says people with speech disabilities can record their voice relatively easily by speaking specific phrases into their iPhone or iPad for 15 minutes. Any text can then be played back with your own voice.

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Has iOS 17: the iPhone 14 from Apple

Live Speech and Personal Voice are just a few of the accessibility features coming to iOS 17. The new iOS version also introduces a dedicated home screen with larger buttons and text, and simplified user interfaces for Apple’s music, camera, and photo management apps.

What do you think of the Live Speech and Personal Voice accessibility features? Will you use these features in iOS 17? In general, what do you think about making digital devices more accessible for people with disabilities? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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