Intel to launch 24-core processors for laptop systems

Part of Intel’s expanded 13th Gen family, the laptop offering will complement the six K-series processor models with 10 additional models optimized for various usage scenarios, offering between 4 and 24 processing cores with HyperThreading.

Intel has announced its 13th Gen processor lineup still 13th Gen processors, focusing on high-performance models aimed at desktop PCs. Now it’s time for efficiency-optimized models suitable for laptop systems to enter the scene. Pressed by the competition, AMD also includes three Core i9 models with 24 cores (8 P-cores and 16 E-cores). These are the Core i9-13900HX, i9-13950HX and i9-13980HX. Differentiated by operating frequencies and power consumption limit, they start with only 2.2GHz base frequency and reach 5.6GHz in boost mode (single core).

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In addition to the H-series processors, labelled with 65W power consumption (up to 219W in boost mode), the new offering also includes P and U series processors, further optimised for mainstream laptops with more demanding power and cooling requirements.

Coming in response to AMD, Intel has also included AI acceleration functionality on the new 13th Gen processors. Called the Vision Processing Unit, the new co-processor will take over certain tasks such as applying background or blur effects in video calls, without impacting X86 processing cores (e.g. increased power consumption).

Intel also launched a new line of low-end chips, the N-series, dropping the “historic” Celeron and Pentium brands.

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At this time, except for priority access by OEM partners (e.g. Acer, Dell, HP, Razer and others), Intel is not providing concrete information on the availability in stores of the new laptop series, equipped with 13th Gen processors.

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