Intel launches Unison, an app that connects your PC to your Android or iOS smartphone

Although announced as an exclusive for owners of PCs equipped with next-generation Intel processors, Unison appears to work with any Windows setup, outlining a competent solution for syncing with Android and iOS-based devices.

Appearing as an alternative to the Link to Windows app developed by Microsoft, Intel’s Unison solution saves you from most of the hassle that comes with using your PC and smartphone, or other devices, separately. The app lets you effortlessly share files, manage notification alerts, messages and incoming calls on other devices. You can access your contacts book from your smartphone, read/send text messages from your PC and even answer video/voice calls received on your phone.

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Derived from Screenovate Technologies, an Israeli startup recently acquired by Intel, the app aims to keep you as comfortable as possible sitting in front of your new PC, with the idea that you won’t form other “habits” around Apple or Google’s highly versatile products. Eventually coming to the conclusion that you don’t really need the equipment sitting on your desk that much.

Available for free in the Microsoft Store, the Unison app works over both Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and directly over your internet connection, offering automatic syncing of alerts and messages, as well as fast file transfers between devices.

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Compared to rival Phone Link, Unison handles file transfers a little better, done over Wi-Fi Direct connections between the devices involved, without having to go over the local network, whose coverage can be poor in locations like hotel rooms. The downside is that you can “pair” a PC with a single smartphone in this mode, as simultaneous access to multiple devices is not compatible with Wi-Fi Direct connection mode.

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