Intel announces Unison, a new app that connects your PC to your Android or iOS smartphone

Described as a cross-platform solution for interconnecting devices, Intel Unison saves you from most of the hassle that comes with using your PC and smartphone, or other devices, separately.

Emerging as an alternative to Microsoft’s Link to Windows app, Intel Unison lets you effortlessly share files, manage notification alerts, messages and incoming calls on other devices. You can access your contacts book from your smartphone, read/send text messages from your PC and even answer video/voice calls received on your phone.

Specifically, Intel’s plan is to keep you as comfortable as possible sitting in front of your new PC, with the idea that you won’t form other “habits” around highly versatile products from Apple or Google, eventually concluding that you don’t really need the hardware sitting on your desk that much. But unlike Microsoft’s solution, the Intel Unison platform is offered as an exclusive available only to buyers of PCs equipped with 12th gen Intel processors, or newer. The main argument offered by Intel would be that Unison equally supports Android and iOS platforms, which can’t be said about Microsoft’s alternative.

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Developed using technologies from Screenovate, a software developer acquired last year by Intel, Unison works over both Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and directly over an internet connection, offering automatic syncing of alerts and messages, as well as fast file transfers between devices. Initially, the software is only available with certain PC models supplied by Lenovo, Acer and HP, with support expected to include future Intel 13th gen platform PCs.

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