Instagram rolls out a page for recovering accounts compromised by hackers

In recent years, hacking attacks on social media accounts have been on the rise, and many users have been left out in the cold, lacking well-developed tools to recover their accounts. Meta’s services are usually the hardest hit and the hardest to recover, as the company doesn’t offer traditional tech support that can easily put you in touch with a representative. The company appears to be trying to fix these issues and is now offering Instagram users a few new tools by which they can access their accounts again in the event of a hack.

Users will be able to recover their Instagram accounts more easily

Meta announced on the official Instagram blog that it is introducing a new page for those affected by hackers. It can be accessed at the link and offers some solutions to the most common problems. Whether your password has been changed, or you no longer have access to the device that allowed two-step login, and even if you have your account completely disabled, you’ll find resources there to help you get back in.

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Ways to solve many of these problems involve contacting friends. They will receive a notification asking for help and must confirm within 48 hours that it is a real hack. If they confirm, your account is unlocked and you will receive an email allowing you to create a new password.

instagram hack 2

Such easily accessible tools could lead to avoiding the frustrating moments many users have encountered in the past. But such tools should be implemented on all Meta platforms, including Facebook, where hacking is also rampant and hackers have found all sorts of ingenious ways to trick users into inadvertently compromising their security.

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