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Insta360 Link is a webcam with gimbal stabilization and many useful features in video conferencing


The Insta360 company, known for its 360-degree action cameras in particular, has released its first webcam. But it looks like it uses many of the technologies the company has developed over the years, offering perhaps the most exciting package of its kind yet: Insta360 Link. The new webcam uses a 4K sensor and an AI algorithm to offer features not available on other models on the market.

Insta360 Link’s origins in the action camera area are obvious

The Insta360 Link is a webcam with a 1/2″ 4K sensor and gimbal stabilization system, not unlike what we see on small drones or vlogging cameras like the DJI Pocket. So the webcam can both stabilize images, blocking out the vibrations that usually occur on webcams when you type on your laptop or tap your desktop.

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But the three-axis stabilization system allows for something else: automatic subject tracking. So you’ll be able to be in frame at all times without resorting to software solutions, such as Apple’s Center Stage, which digitally zooms into an ultrawide frame for a similar effect. The webcam also includes an autofocus system and allows you to zoom up to 4x, also digital, which even at maximum zoom still delivers a 1080p image.

But the stabilisation system also allows for other functions, such as “Overhead Mode”, made specifically for filming what the user is doing on a table, a useful feature for recording unboxings, or for those who do hand sketching. The Insta360 Link webcam also has a 9:16 mode for recording vertical content, as well as software enhancements for the so-called “whiteboard mode”. In the latter, a teacher will be able to point the webcam at a whiteboard and the software will enhance the image quality to highlight the text written on it.

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Of course, a solution like Insta360 Link is quite expensive. At $300, it probably won’t be as successful as traditional webcams. However, for certain content creators or those who spend a lot of time in calls on Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet, this could be an ideal solution, especially since it includes microphones that eliminate ambient noise.

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