Increase in passport applications leaves long lines at Nicaraguan Immigration offices

The increase in demands to renew or obtain a passport in Nicaragua, with the aim of leaving the country for vacation, work or forced exile, that is, due to the socio-political crisis unleashed in 2018 has left images on social networks of long queues in front of the Metrocentro shopping center or the Plaza de las Americas in Managua, where some Migration and Aliens offices are located.

According to local newspaper ‘La Prensa’ some people arrive at the waiting area a day before their appointment, so as not to miss their turn, since according to some citizens have stated that in the offices disorder reigns and neither the appointment nor the line is respected.

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Once the application is made, the document should be received within eight days, but it often takes up to almost a month. In addition, the process to collect it implies another long wait, so that the citizens consulted by the local media assure that this process is “an ordeal”.

So far this year, almost 200,000 Nicaraguans have left the country, with the United States and Costa Rica as the main destinations. In fact, the Biden Administration has counted 108,018 detentions of people with this nationality at the border up to August, while Costa Rica has collected more than 46,000 refugee applications issued by Nicaraguans.

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