In vitro fertilization cycles do not affect breast tumor type in some patients

The ‘in vitro’ fertilization cycles. do not affect the type of breast tumor that some patients develop, according to a study by Dexeus Mujer, which analyzes the possible impact of ovarian stimulation treatment. on the characteristics of different breast tumor subtypes.

The study was presented this week in Barcelona at the 13th European Breast Cancer Congress organized by the European Society of Mastology (EUSOMA) every two years. In the framework of this Congress, a interdisciplinary team of Dexeus Woman, made up of specialists in Gynecologic Oncology, Breast Pathology and Reproductive Medicine, has presented this retrospective study analyzing data from a total of 73 patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Researchers evaluated whether having undergone one or more cycles of ovarian stimulation as part of a ‘in vitro’ fertilization (IVF) treatment. could somehow alter the subtype or prognosis of breast cancer in patients who have subsequently developed this disease.

In all of the cases, the researchers studied the possible relationship existente between the number of IVF cycles performed, the patient’s response to IVF treatment, the number of IVF cycles performed, the patient’s response to IVF treatment, and the patient’s response to IVF treatment. ovarian stimulation and various markers used to determine prognosis in breast cancer: Ki67, HER2, estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), p53 oncogene and histologic grade.

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The work concludes that ovarian stimulation treatments and the fact that performing one or more cycles does not seem to alter the biological characteristics which are key to determining the type of tumor from which the patient suffers, and therefore the diagnosis, as well as its evolution and the chances of survival.

According to the results, the authors suggest that, therefore, “no relationship of any kind is observed to exist. between the fact of performing one or more IVF cycles and the preeminence of certain types of breast cancer in reproduction patients who subsequently develop this disease”, explains Dr. Màxim Izquierdo, main author of the paper.

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