IKEA is warning customers that one of its chairs could break during use. Offer your money back

IKEA has sent out a press release wanting to inform the public about problems with one of its products. Anyone who has purchased an ODGER chair in the anthracite colour version should check the date of manufacture, as there is a risk that it may be affected by a manufacturing defect. As a result of this defect, users could risk injury.

The ODGER anthracite version is the only version affected

The IKEA company says that all anthracite ODGER chairs with a manufacturing date before 2221 (year 2022, week 21) are prone to hazards that could endanger users. It appears that the base of the star-shaped chair has a defect that could lead to breakage during use. The company recommends ceasing use of the seat immediately to avoid such risks.

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Those who own an anthracite ODGER with manufacture date 2221 and older are encouraged to return the chairs to their nearest IKEA store for a full refund. The company says no proof of purchase is required, so even those who no longer have the receipt can return the chair without hassle.

The label marking the date of manufacture is located at the bottom of the chair and is stamped into the seat material.

This is not the first time IKEA has recalled products that may put customers at risk. Recently, the company recalled a coffee kettle for risk of burns, bowls, plates and mugs, as well as an extendable table that could lead to cuts on customers’ skin.

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