Hundreds of billions of SHIB have been transferred by mysterious whales to Binance

According to data recently shared on Twitter, over the past 19 hours, nearly a trillion Shiba Inu coins have been moved by anonymous whales in four heavy transactions.

Meanwhile, the SHIB meme currency is struggling to raise its price, and the community continues to burn these coins.

Hundreds of billions of SHIBs in motion.

Four major transactions were spotted on Etherscan and then shared on Twitter by the @shibaplay_ account: a total of 918 billion was moved by the owners of some anonymous wallets.

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More than half of that amount, however, was transferred by the largest crypto exchange by volume, Binance, between its own wallets – 431,492,559,912 SHIB worth $4,047,400. This transfer was most likely done as part of the proof-of-reserves audit that Binance recently launched, calling on all other centralized exchanges to do the same.

A total of 66,774,747,922 Shiba Inu of the aforementioned gigantic sum was sent to Binance to be sold. Then 312,900,000,000 and 107,796,000,795 SHIB were transferred between mysterious digital wallets.

SHIB’s share price makes a small gain

After gaining 5.91% on December 5, SHIB lost that gain as quickly as it was achieved. Since then, SHIB’s price has fluctuated, rising nearly 2%, then going through waves of ups and downs, holding near the $0.00000935 line.

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SHIB’s army burns through millions of tokens in a single transfer.

According to a recent tweet from tracker Shibburn, in the last 24 hours, the SHIB-dedicated army has managed to remove 44,328,245 memes from the outstanding supply.

Most of this amount was 10,674,214 SHIB, moved by a single portfolio. The rest of the SHIB burning transactions did not exceed 5.7 million Shiba Inu.

Overall, last week an impressive 126,452,790 meme coins were burned in 50 transactions.

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