How tough is the Galaxy S23 vs. predecessor S22 when dropped on the floor

Published by a mobile phone insurance company, the latest Galaxy S23 drop-test attempts to “measure” how much more resilient Samsung’s new flaghip is compared to its S22 predecessor.

Unlike other experiments that try to determine through progressive testing at what point on mineral glass and metal finishes cracks and permanent deformation begin to appear, in this case we jump straight to the “blackest” scenario of a fall on cement from the height of an adult (180 cm).

Whatever the advertising campaigns say, no smartphone unprotected in a protective case would escape such a drop without at least deep scratches on the exposed edges. And if glass surfaces come into contact with the cement, breakage is virtually guaranteed.

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Based on this premise, it only remains to determine how much damage, if any, and at what cost such a phone could be repaired.

In comparing the S22 Ultra vs S23 Ultra, this year’s model stood out with much less crack propagation on the glass surfaces, the phone remaining functional and with the least damage of the models tested. Paradoxically, despite being more compact and lighter, the Galaxy S23 suffers the most damage, much like its S22 predecessor, becoming unusable after a single drop with the screen down. Somewhere in the middle, the Galaxy S23 Plus ended up with a shattered screen and separately deformed case chassis.

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Though protected with Gorilla Glass Victus 2, none of the Galaxy S23 versions escaped intact, but paradoxically, the heavier, curved-screen phone came out the least “shattered.” The fact is that without a very good quality protective casing, any S23 version will need expensive repairs after such a crash.

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