How often to clean and how

Users of solar panels should be aware that they lose performance if they get dirty. Devices need to be cleaned regularly to work optimally, and the frequency of cleaning depends on the area in which they are located.

For example, solar panels located near an unpaved, heavily trafficked road will get dusty faster than those mounted on a secluded villa surrounded by greenery and trees.

But the most important thing is user safety. If solar panels are mounted in a hard-to-reach place on the roof, we recommend that you call a specialist company to come and clean them. Unless a commercially available kit – which includes telescopic handles, brush and other heads – doesn’t help.

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solar panels
Cleaning kit for solar panels.

Many people think that wind and rain are enough to clean PV panels, but this is not true. Most industry specialists, including the company Lumina Solar, recommend checking solar panels weekly to see if anything such as dust, leaves or chicken poo has been deposited on them.

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It is also recommended that panels are thoroughly cleaned at least once a year and ideally twice a year. Cleaning should be done with brushes and materials that do not damage the surface of the panels, and the use of detergents and other chemicals should be avoided as far as possible.

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If certain stains do not come out with plain water, then detergent or soap may be used, in small quantities. Furthermore, the use of a pressure washer should be avoided, as it may cause cracks in the surface of the panels or aggravate existing ones. Some companies even recommend the use of these devices, but most specialists do not agree with this.

It is also recommended to avoid stepping on the surface of panels during cleaning.

According to studies, thoroughly washing solar panels once a year can increase their electricity output by up to 12%.

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