How much you can buy iPhone 3GS, Motorola RAZR V3 or Galaxy S1 on OLX

Modern smartphones are very powerful, but they’ve reached a point where they no longer impress because the technological leaps from one generation to the next are small. In the old days, however, some phones impressed with innovation. Examples are the iPhone 3G, which debuted the revolutionary App Store, or the Motorola RAZR, slim and futuristic in design. Those who want to relive those times or start a phone collection can buy such functional, low-cost devices on the OLX platform.

A Motorola RAZR V3, in very good condition, is available for 175 lei. According to the seller, the device works on any network, has a “like new” battery and comes with the original charger.

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At launch, the V3 was the thinnest flip phone on the market and had a keypad made from a single “sheet” of metal. It is the most popular clamshell smartphone in history, with over 130 million units sold.

Also on OLX someone is selling an iPhone 3GS, priced at 150 lei. The phone is functional, has a good battery and 32 GB internal storage capacity. The 3GS model was the first iPhone to feature voice control.

Working 3G models can be purchased for 70 lei.

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Another seller has two Samsung Galaxy S phones (the first model in the S series) on offer for 90 lei each.One of the devices does not read the SIM card and the other needs the operating system reinstalled.

At launch, the Galaxy S had the most powerful graphics on the market and was the thinnest smartphone (9.9 mm). By comparison, the iPhone 3GS was 12.3 mm thick. The first S would be surpassed by the iPhone 4 in this respect, which was 9.2 mm thick.

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