How much does ChatGPT Plus, the subscription that “accelerates” AI, cost?

Recently, OpenAI has been testing paid subscriptions for ChatGPT, but for a small number of users. However, it turns out that that “Pro” subscription was considered too expensive by most of those who tested it, and OpenAI moved quickly to adjust for this error. So the company is now announcing ChatGPT Plus, which appears to offer everything that that “Pro” trial subscription offered, at half the price.

Plus subscription promises priority and unlimited access to ChatGPT

Although ChatGPT is more of a public experiment, meant to gather data on what users need from an AI-based language model, many are very excited about it and are willing to pay for faster and unlimited access to the services offered. Thus, those who want to use ChatGPT without speed limitation when there are many simultaneous users on the servers, or who don’t want to interrupt use at times when the system is under maintenance, but also priority access to new features, can now subscribe to ChatGPT Plus.

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The subscription costs “only” $20 per month and appears to offer no extra functionality at the moment. That means ChatGPT still isn’t connected to the internet and can provide “just-so” accurate responses for events that occurred before 2021.

OpenAI says it will continue to expand the services offered through ChatGPT, especially for business, identifying use cases in user behavior, such as in writing and editing text content, generating ideas, helping write code, and learning.

The company is also preparing lower pricing plans for those who don’t want to pay $20, enterprise plans, and data packages to speed up the speed of non-subscribers but need one-time access to “Plus” features.

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Although it’s offered for free, operating ChatGPT isn’t exactly free. Apparently each AI-generated response costs a few cents, and the service is accessed by over a million users daily. Thus, subscriptions will pick up more of the operational cost burden.

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