How many Lego does it take to stop a hydraulic press? –

If you really want to shut down at night, there are few things better to watch than hydraulic press videos, where various things are crushed for no reason. Now the hydraulic press channel on YouTube is looking at whether the ultimate crusher can be stopped.

What could stop such an unbeatable machine, you ask? Well, Lego, of course. Using classic bricks, the team builds a fortress to try to stop the hydraulic press, slowly building up the pressure inside the machine to see how much the sturdy bricks can withstand.

It’s great to watch, because you’re always rooting for the Lego bricks to stand upright in the face of unbeatable odds. I do feel a little bad for the hydraulic press. I know how bad it is to stand on a Lego brick with only my current weight. To imagine pressing on it with thousands of pounds of pressure is terrifying.

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How much Lego does it take to stop a hydraulic press?

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