GGTech Entertainment adds Cristina Carranza as Head of Global Sales

GGTech Entertainmentan international company dedicated to the organization and management of products related to entertainment, technology, gaming and esports, has announced the incorporation of Cristina Carranza like new Head of Global Sales with the aim of strengthening the group’s expansion and opening up new markets, with a special focus on the United States.

The growth and expansion into new territories that the company has carried out in recent months, as well as the start of new lines of work and the consolidation of existing ones, in the world of esports and gaming, in addition to the signing of an agreement to promote university esports competitions in the U.S., have led to the creation of a new company in the world of esports and gaming. Riot Games in the United States, has brought to the management of GGTech to enhance its global business development strategy.

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After his time at Amazon y Twitch, Cristina Carranza arrives to reinforce the international team headed by Eduardo Garciarecently joined the company as Chief Product Officer. His professional achievements include the launch of Twitch Ads in Spain and the pilot development of global gaming programs such as Amazon GAMERGY y Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports. With their international experience, Cristina Carranza arrives in order to enhance the company’s global growth and develop cross-border sales relationships.

I have been working with GGTech for more than four years and I have fallen in love with their business strategy, the great human quality of their team and their vision of where they want to take the company, making it a world leader in the entertainment, gaming and esports industry. I am proud to be part of this project developing the global sales and business strategy. The digital entertainment industry, the streaming world and the gaming boom are some of the drivers that generate this great business opportunity for which GGTech is ideally positioned, the challenge is now born moving this vision to other regions and sharing the products and services of the brand to the most passionate fans of the gaming world.

Cristina Carranza, Head of Global Sales at GGTech Entertainment

The incorporation of Cristina Carranza will provide a GGTech Entertainment the vision and skills of a professional with an enviable track record, endorsed by her 10 years of experience in digital, e-commerce, entertainment and gaming sectors, developing international business for both retail and advertisers.

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