How many days does a Romanian have to work to buy a Galaxy S22, compared to other European and world citizens

According to a study published by Money SuperMaket, the effort and by extension the relative value of a flagship Galaxy S22 varies from one region to another, the top of the range Samsung being much more valuable for Eastern European consumers than for those in a western country. , such as Switzerland.

While the price in euros or dollars remains roughly unchanged from one region to another, the value of a product, relative to the length of time it takes to make that purchase, varies greatly depending on the salaries in each, a range. iPhone or Samsung can be considerably cheaper, in relative terms, than in the region for which it was originally intended.

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Where to buy the lightest and heaviest Galaxy S22

Predictably, one of the regions where the acquisition of the Galaxy S22 is particularly difficult is Ukraine. Thus, if you are not a soldier in the Russian army, purchasing a state-of-the-art Samsung S22 phone will require approximately 790 hours of work. Somewhat difficult to explain, the Egyptians are in an even more unfavorable position, needing 1095 hours of honest work to buy a Galaxy S22 phone, even if the country is not at war.

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At least the citizens of Switzerland will work to afford a Galaxy S22. According to the study, they can earn enough money to buy a phone in just 34 hours of work, ie 4 days.

On the other hand, in the Philippines, a citizen has to work 737 hours to be able to afford an S22 in the basic version. That means over three months of work, without spending the money on anything else.

Galaxy S22

The calculation is made using the average salary in each country, as well as the shelf price in that country.

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