Hong Kong reports highest number of coronavirus cases in four months

Chinese authorities have reported this Monday the highest number of coronavirus cases since last March 31, after recording 6,513 positives in the last 24 hours, at a time when some of the support facilities that were opened during the worst moments of the pandemic have been reopened.

Among the new infections, there are 6,276 from community transmission, as well as 237 from abroad. In the last four days, the number of positives has been above 6,000, and 43 people remain in intensive care. In the last 24 hours, three patients have died of the disease.

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The Hong Kong government has set up special facilities for those infected who do not have their own bedroom and bathroom at home. From next week, some of them will reopen due to the increase in the number of positives, as is the case of the Asia World Expo convention center.

These facilities are already operating at 80 percent capacity, with about 6,500 people according to the Hong Kong Government, which has asked hospitals to discharge those patients who do not require emergency services and thus leave beds available for the most severe coronavirus patients.

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