High-quality duel lightsaber significantly cheaper in the Prime Day offer!

Finally have a lightsaber duel yourself?  Make your dream come true with this Prime Day deal!

Finally have a lightsaber duel yourself? Make your dream come true with this Prime Day deal!

Be honest: who of you has never wanted to have a lightsaber duel?

Now there’s a heavy duty lightsaber on offer on Prime Day – with sound effects, motion sensor, Bluetooth and in good quality!

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Finally a good lightsaber on Prime Day!

We all know the legendary scenes in which Jedi and Sith highly dramatic duels take place and the bombastic music of John Williams sounds. You stand in front of the TV, feel the tension and think: “How cool would it be to experience that yourself?”

And now you can – with the XRGB V3.0 version 2 IN 1 board lightsaber. This piece of jewelry is not a cheap plastic deceptive packagebut also holds up well!

What makes this lightsaber so special:

  • 16 pre-installed sound fonts for realistic sound experiences
  • 16 RGB shades and dynamic color changing
  • Three different lighting effects: uniform, inconsistent and pulsating
  • Extremely durable blade and high-quality metal handle
  • 30-day money back guarantee and 12 months free replacement service
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The heart of the lightsaber is the electronics. Thanks to an extremely sensitive motion sensor, you can turn the blade on and off, control the sound fonts and even the background music through movements such as turning, stabbing and swinging. Gentle swinging and built-in lighting effects ensure an authentic duel experience.

May the Force guide you to this lightsaber on sale!

Lightsaber with long blade, different modes and “Luke” design

While some lightsabers look more like flashing sticks, this model comes with a number of features that catapult it into a different league. It offers 16 realistic sound fonts and just as many color variations. You can choose between three lighting effects that make the fight even more impressive.

Not only are the internal values ​​convincing, but also the external construction. The handle is made of high quality metal and optimally balanced so that it fits perfectly in the hand. The blade is made of durable PC material that can easily survive even more violent duels.

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Whether you’re just starting out with lightsaber combat or are already an experienced Jedi or Sith – this lightsaber has you covered everything you need for an authentic duel experience. And if anything goes wrong, there’s world-class customer service available to help you with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 12-month free replacement service.

Now a lightsaber only costs €110.49 instead of €149.99! The force is strong in this offering!

With this lightsaber you will become a master!

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