Here’s why you should avoid the Grimace Shake at all costs -.

The Grimace Shake is a promotional drink served in American McDonald’s restaurants in honor of Grimace’s birthday. It is a simple, purple drink that doesn’t seem to have much going on. However, a TikTok trend has turned the shake and Grimace himself into cosmic horror creations.

The video trend goes like this: someone is filmed holding the Grimace Shake, and just after they take their first sip, the camera cuts to them in a gruesome scenario. Most appear to have been murdered or left near dead and are covered with the remains of the shake. Of course, this is all fake and done for comedic effect, and some of the videos actually get quite creative.

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There’s also nothing wrong with the shake itself, but as is often the case with the Internet, it doesn’t matter if the joke has any reasoning behind it, and often it just gets out of hand from one viral tweet or video, check out some examples below and you’ll see what I mean.

Thinking about trying the Grimace Shake?

This is why you should avoid the Grimace Shake at all costs

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