He learned his trade from Florin Piersic, acted in dozens of films and loved only one woman: Costel Constantin, “above a nest of cuckoos”

Fans of Romanian film and theatre already know that actor Costel Constantin is one of the industry’s leading names.

Costel Constantin is truly an interesting character, since he has an impressive career and every performance he has given has been a success.

Costel Constantin - archive image
Costel Constantin – archive image

Costel Constantin, the actor with a rich repertoire

Costel Constantin was born on October 20, 1942, in Galați, and graduated from the Institute of Theatrical and Cinematographic Arts in Bucharest, in the class of Professor Beate Fredanov, in 1964, with Ion Caramitru, Virgil Ogășanu, Ilinca Tomoroveanu, Florina Cercel, Ștefan Radof, Valeria Seciu, and many others.

He gave his “final performance” in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, and since then he has acted in many films, but also on the stage of the National Theatre in Bucharest.

Perhaps his most important role was in the play “Flight over a Cuckoo’s Nest”, adapted from the novel by author Ken Kesey.

In case this title sounds familiar, it was also the subject of a later famous film starring Jack Nicholson.

Over the course of his career, Costel Constantin starred in the following films: Dus întors, Viața ce ti-am dat, Quando viviești cu adevărat, Bălcescu, Porțile albastre ale città, Ultima notte a solitude, Tănase Scatiu, Speranța nu moare în zori, Domnișoara Nastasia, Arborele genealogic, Shots in the Moonlight, Action Bus, Special Edition, Revenge, The Yellow Jackets, Roads in the Balance, Curse of the Earth – Curse of Love, The S Network, At the Crossroads of the Great Storms, Blackmail, Anna and the Thief, Return to First Love, Why Do Mitica Bells Ring, The Convoy, Silence in the Depths, Waiting for a Train, Who Loves and Leaves, Bucharest Bulletin, Mysteries of Bucharest, A Swan in Winter, Heroes are Ageless, Marriage with Rehearsal, Pormisiuni, The Second Variant, The Bat Blooms a Second Time, The Champion, The Eleventh Commandment, The Balance, Mandroid, Pepe and Fifi, The Sleep of the Island, Tracers 4: Jack of Swords, I am Adam!, Man of the Day, Ministry of Comedy, The Tenderness of Locusts, Sweet Sauna of Death, Only Love, Wake Up, One Step Ahead, Mothers’ Doctors, Aniela and Love and Honor.

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In conclusion, as far as can be seen, it is rare to find an actor as prolific as the artist we tell you about in this article.

Costel Constantin - archive image
Costel Constantin – archive image

Florin Piersic was his mentor, and Mihaela the only life partner he ever wanted

About his beginnings, Costel Constantin was to talk to the editors of Formula As. The actor told them that he “stole” the job from the Romanian cinema’s greats, Florin Piersic and George Constantin.

“I played important roles in many plays, I learned from actors like George Constantin and Florin Piersic. You should know that Florin Piersic, apart from the stories he tells, countless of them, on stage, is an impeccable, wonderful partner, of formidable generosity. I got along with him and I learned a lot from him! The moment he stepped on stage, he gave his whole heart, his all! And in his eyes he was asking you to be sincere and do the same.

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Which is a very big deal. The hardest thing, they say, for an actor, is for the curtain to go up, for him to sit in a chair, for a spotlight to come on, on him, and for him to sit for two or three minutes and not say a word, but for nobody in the room to move. If you manage to do that, it means you’re real, a real actor!”, Costel Constantin once said about his career.

The actor has loved only one woman all his life, Mihaela, which, we must admit, is a wonderful and atypical thing in the world of artists.

What’s more, the two are great lovers of animals. “I can say that all of us in the Constantin family have had a lot to learn from our dogs. Here, let me introduce them to you: she, the one who is just now entering here, in the salon, is Bella, the Dalmatian, the princess. And this is… Miss Maidan. You understand? Maidan – because I took her from the street, that is, from under the cars, where she slept for almost half a year,” the actor also said, according to the source quoted above.

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