He gave up music after charming an entire generation, he would have won Eurovision: Laurențiu Cazan “said something else”

You may remember that, a few years ago, the songs performed by Laurențiu Cazan were heard everywhere: on TV, on the radio, in people’s homes.

Despite his success at the time, Laurențiu Cazan has disappeared from the spotlight, with occasional nostalgic invitations to festivals like Cerbul de Aur.

“He would have won Eurovision!!! “…That’s what a lot of people tell me even now…27 years after the release of this song… (At the Eurovision Song Contest in Romania 1993 it was ranked 2nd)… I don’t know…It’s possible…The important thing is that it won your hearts and…there is no concert without me singing it…with you… Dear friends, Valentine’s Day, may Valentine’s Day find you…in love, as usual, as every day !!! With dedication: Say Something !!!…”, wrote Laurențiu Cazan on his personal Facebook page in a post dated February 13, 2020.

Laurențiu Cazan

Laurențiu Cazan and his move to Buzău: what happened

As a result, many have wondered why singer Laurențiu Cazan chose to retire, since he has huge potential.

After all, he is neither the first nor the last Romanian artist to choose to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the social world, but in his case, we can say that his career trajectory went in truly unexpected directions, as we will tell you below.

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According to his own statements, Laurențiu Cazan not only gave up the stage, but also Bucharest, choosing to move to Buzău, a city he considers much quieter and more welcoming than the capital.

Moreover, he claims that he no longer finds himself in the current values, being quite angry about the latest decisions taken by the European Union and being of the opinion that the society we live in now is one subject to regression, with a public oriented more towards cancan than towards the things that really matter in life.

However, although Laurențiu Cazan now lives in Buzău, from time to time he also goes to the Netherlands, where he has been a citizen for several years.

“If you meet a man on the street, he tells you something about him. If he sees an empathetic man, he tells you something. Every man can have a mistake in life, that nobody is perfect, nobody was Jesus Christ. Neither was Beethowen or whoever you want.

This West and this whole Western civilization, which by its background has had an extraordinarily strong ascendancy, both in the First World War and in the Second, has also brought less good things.

That is to say, this morality, which was an enormous force also in the First World War and in the Second World War, is still at great pass, even today. Look at the society we live in… I’m telling you as a Romanian citizen and as a Dutch citizen, because I have dual citizenship,” said Laurențiu Cazan, according to viva.ro.

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Laurențiu Cazan

Laurențiu Cazan: “There is a huge truth gap”

As we previously reported, it seems that Laurențiu Cazan is disappointed with society and insists that nowadays it lacks education, but especially love.

As for the European Union, the artist is of the opinion that the decision to commercialise dung beetle larvae should not have happened.

“Well, when you come and tell me that I can eat cockroaches and you say that the European Union has passed a law that you can eat dung beetle larvae, well, my boys, what has it come to? That wasn’t the moral basis…

And you tell me not to say mother or father. This is what it’s come to! Sit and cross yourself! It’s a void of historical educational formation. A huge cultural void, a huge void of love. It’s a huge void of truth. Here we are, living in these times!”, Lautrențiu Cazan added.

Another of the artist’s complaints is that, in general, people seem to be more interested in his personal life, not necessarily his music, which has obviously contributed to his decision to stay away from the social scene in recent years.

“I sit and think, who cares what I did, Laurențiu Cazan, that I got divorced? Then you deserve your fate! Here we are! This is where it’s come to,” he added.

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