HBO Max could close, in its place would be launched “Max” with all Warner Bros. content. Discovery

HBO Max, the service that replaced the old HBO Go, is still considered fairly new, but it could be replaced very soon by another. In the meantime, Warner Bros and Discovery have merged, and this event has come with a number of major changes to the movie and series offerings on HBO Max, as well as to the studios’ future plans. Films that were already nearing completion were cancelled, while many original and licensed productions disappeared from the HBO Max offering. But it looks like the changes aren’t ending, and HBO Max may drop its current name.

HBO Max could be replaced by a service that includes more “channels”

It looks like the new Warner Bros. Discovery wants to separate the HBO brand from that of the streaming service. Since the new service that will replace it will integrate both HBO content with movies and series and Discovery content with shows and documentaries, HBO wouldn’t accurately describe the entire production offering. Thus, according to CNBC, the new service will be called simply, “Max”.

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Max could implement some Disney+-inspired ideas, such as organizing the various brands owned by Warner Bros. Discovery in the new app. Disney+ has separate channels for Marvel, Disney Animation, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic and Stars, and Warner Bros. could offer channels like DC Comics, Discovery, Warner Bros., CNN and others under its umbrella on Max.

The plan of the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery is to increase the company’s profitability, and that could come with price increases for access to its services. In some countries, HBO Max and Discovery Plus also offer ad-supported subscriptions, and one of the plans is to increase revenue from advertising. So we may get such services in countries where they weren’t yet.

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