Harry Potter's Hogwarts is really cheap from the Lego alternative!

Do you want to experience Hogwarts in real life?  This model is not that big, but it has a lot of attention to detail and is a real chunk with well over 6,000 parts!

Do you want to experience Hogwarts in real life? This model is not that big, but it has a lot of attention to detail and is a real chunk with well over 6,000 parts!

The magical school of witchcraft and wizardry from the Harry Potter books has of course long been cult. And of course there is that too Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts-Schlosswhich already has 2660 parts.

However, you can also get one from an alternative manufacturer for just a little more a set that is almost three times as big!

Officially it is not a Harry Potter product – but the reviews, the look and the details speak for themselves.

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Lego or Mold King? Terminal block of extremely high quality – just much cheaper

Who exactly is Mold King? In recent years, Mold King has emerged as a major player in the building block segment. Using a similar approach to Lego, Mold King creates complex and detailed building sets that delight a wide audience from children to adults. However, the crucial difference to Lego lies in Mold King's specialization in more complicated and usually larger setswhich primarily appeal to older building block fans.

Additionally, Mold King tends to offer its products at more affordable prices, which makes them particularly appealing to many building block enthusiasts. The The quality of the products is often highly praised by the fan communitysome even claim it's better than Lego's.

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The Hogwarts set presented here is not only huge, but also very detailed. Whether the detailed one Interior of the rooms, which is also modeled and has one or two surprises in store or the large landscape around it. Fans of the films and books will certainly recognize some details here.

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Hogwarts with almost 7,000 pieces on a huge plate to display

The Mold King Set 22004 impresses with its exceptional attention to detail and quality. With over 6862 pieces, this set is a challengethat is worth it. Here are some impressive features:

  • Realistic details: From the winding hallways to the iconic towers, every element of Hogwarts has been meticulously recreated.
  • High quality: The parts are made of robust ABS plastic, which guarantees a long service life.
  • compatibility: You can combine this set with other brands to create your own magical world.
  • Promoting STEM skills: Assembling develops important skills such as hand-eye coordination and creative thinking.
  • Exquisite interior model: The set includes not only the exterior of the school, but also detailed interiors.
  • Lots there: The Forbidden Forest, the Black Lake and the Quidditch pitch are also included!

Speaking of Hogwarts, here are five fun facts that might surprise even die-hard fans:

  • Hidden rooms: Hogwarts is famous for its secrets. Did you know that the school has more hidden rooms than just the Room of Requirement? Some were never revealed in the book and are waiting to be discovered in your imagination.
  • Changing architecture: Not only do the Hogwarts stairs move, the entire school changes its appearance on a regular basis. This makes it a lively and always new place.
  • The house cup: The House Cup is awarded every year, but in the books we only find out who wins three times. What happens in the other years is left to the readers' imagination.
  • The Four Founders: Everyone knows Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. But did you know that their founders were also best friends way back when?
  • The lake: The Black Lake of Hogwarts is home to many magical creatures. Some of them, like the giant octopus, only play a minor role in the books, but are part of the rich world of Hogwarts.
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Info about Mold King: The brand is sometimes criticized because we don't know where the construction plans come from. There are sets where plans from the community were used – and were not properly licensed or the creators were not named.

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Original Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle also on offer

If you'd rather stick with Lego, there's currently an offer that you should be happy about: the 76419 set The licensed Hogwarts Castle from Lego has 2660 pieces and currently only costs €181.98 on Amazon. Here too you have a lot of loving details – such as the Chamber of Secrets.

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