Gulf Arab countries call on Netflix to remove content that “violates Islamic values and principles.”

The countries that make up the Security Council of the Arab Gulf States (GCC) have called on Netlix to remove content that “violates Islamic values and principles” and highlighted that the platform is broadcasting material that violates the controls imposed by these countries.

A special committee of the body has indicated in a statement that it has “recently noted that the platform is broadcasting audiovisual material and content that violates content controls in GGC countries–including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.”

Thus, it has stressed that this content, unspecified, “violates Islamic and social values and principles” and has stressed that “the platform has been contacted to remove this content, including some aimed at children, and to adhere to the laws,” as reported by the Saudi newspaper ‘Arab News’.

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The committee has said that local authorities will check whether Netflix is complying with these orders and warned that legal action will be taken against the platform “in case the (rule-violating) content continues to be available.”

While the agency has not specified what content it is referring to, the Saudi state broadcaster Al Ejbariya has broadcast video cuts modified to prevent the correct viewing of the animated program ‘Jurassic World: Cretaceous Field’ in which two teenage girls confess their love and kiss each other, as picked up by the British television network BBC.

The network has included in its information cuts from the French film ‘Guapis’ and a capture accusing Netflix of “being a cinematic cover for immoral messages that threaten the healthy growth of children.” In this line, it has accused the platform of “promoting homosexuality by focusing excessively on homosexuals”.

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The statement has been released after Saudi Arabian movie theaters pulled the film ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ from theaters after Disney refused to bow to a request from Saudi authorities to cut what they described as “LGBTQ references.” In addition, the animated film ‘Lightyear’ was banned in June in the country and UAE for showing a kiss between two people of the same sex.

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