Grab a cheap SATA SSD with 1 TB now!

At Amazon you can currently get a SATA SSD with a whole terabyte really cheaply with the Samsung 870 Evo. Although the model was released many years ago, it is still as powerful as ever. In addition, it is currently reduced by a full 49 percent compared to the RRP, which means the price is 104.90 euros reduced to €53.99!

Buy Samsung 870 Evo cheaply on Amazon

That’s what the 870 Evo does

The Samsung 870 Evo SATA SSD is a solid-state hard drive designed for improved read and write speeds. With the SATA III 6 Gb/s interface, it offers a maximum read and write speed of up to 560 MB/s or 530 MB/s. The offer here is for the version with 1 TB of storage space, but there are also versions with 250 GB up to 4 TB.

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This SSD uses V-NAND memory type and Samsung MKX controller to ensure high performance and reliability. To ensure proper operation, there are also various software tools such as Samsung Magician, which allows you to monitor performance, carry out firmware updates and securely delete your data.

Compared to conventional HDDs, the Samsung 870 Evo uses less energy, which makes it particularly attractive for laptops where battery life plays an important role. Their robust construction and support for TRIM, garbage collection and SMART functions ensure a long service life.

To the offer on Amazon

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SATA SSDs in comparison

You can find out what other alternatives there are in the area of ​​SATA SSDs in the following buying guide, in which you can compare the currently best representatives and find out which one is best suited for you.

You can find even more deals like this if you regularly take a look at the deal ticker. This way you can find exciting offers in the areas of technology and gaming and save big on your planned purchases!

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