Gordon Ramsay makes a real life idiot sandwich –

Gordon Ramsay has a host of memes dedicated to him and his tirades online, but perhaps none is better than the idiot sandwich image, in which he placed two pieces of bread on either side of a woman’s head and asked her what she was. She responds, a sandwich, and a meme is born.

But it won’t just be a meme, because Ramsay plans to make his own version of the idiot sandwich. Well, it’s not necessarily a sandwich, rather it’s a show, called Idiot Sandwich, in which Ramsay hopes to gather the best sandwich makers around.

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On Twitter/X, he is making the offer to anyone in Nevada, USA, who is 18+. During the contest, contestants compete for the most impressive sandwich for a cash prize. We’re guessing that impressive doesn’t necessarily mean best taste, which is why you can still be one and win this contest.

Gordon Ramsay makes a real life idiot sandwich

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