Google uses artificial intelligence to optimize Google Search results

Google Search will further adjust the results displayed at the Snippets section (top of the page), using artificial intelligence to determine if the information found is from quality and trusted sources.

Called Multitask Unified Model “MUM”, the system takes algorithmic filtering further by involving sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies in the selection of results, targeting not only keyword matching and user interests already documented using the wealth of information collected about the user, but also analyzing sources of information to determine real-time levels of credibility. For example, if a particular site is reported or gets on the “radar” of Google filters for spreading unverified information, this will influence visibility in Google Search listings. Ultimately, if for ongoing events (e.g. the war in Ukraine) no other sources of information are available, results will be flagged to highlight that the information may not be reliable.

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Google hopes the new approach will educate users on how to discover and avoid misinformation, but more importantly, it hopes to provide the best possible search results, at least in the high-visibility Snippets section.

Google is also looking to expand content tags, originally implemented for new information such as breaking news that is still evolving. Google had this set to inform people that information might change and that it would probably be better to check something later. This advisory system is now expanding to inform users when there are “not many great results” for a search. Users may then be asked to check the sources for their results or try a new query

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Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the “traditional” Google Search results list, as the information is still matched by the keywords entered in the search, with the accuracy and usefulness depending largely on your inspiration at the time you chose the phrase used for the search.

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