Google Recorder can now distinguish recorded people’s voices by tagging transcribed conversations

Launched as an exclusive for Pixel phone owners, Google Recorder is one of the best recorder apps with text transcription. Available even without an internet connection, the voice recording transcription mode has become an indispensable tool even for students who want to take notes during class without actually typing or typing.

Addressing the problem of confusion that arises when transcribing conversations with multiple participants, Google updates the app with a “speaker detection and tagging” feature. This will separate each participant’s contribution identified by voice into separate paragraphs, with labels of the form Speaker1, Speaker2, etc. appearing at the top and marked in different colors to make it easier to differentiate visually. Each newly generated label will be editable with the names of the speakers and any colour of your choice, with subsequent transcripts identified with the name of the person.

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Google gives assurances that the speech patterns used to label transcripts are stored temporarily and only in the local memory of the device on which the app is installed.

While not the only app of its kind, Google Recorder remains one of the most popular, which members of the XDA Developers community are adapting to work, unofficially, on non-Pixel phones. That means results may vary from phone to phone, depending on the quality of the microphone and the processing power available.

The Google Recorder app can be updated to version v4.2 directly from the Play Store, but wider availability for Pixel users won’t be assured until next week, when the next batch of Android 13 updates is scheduled for release.

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