Google is apparently also based on the price of your own cell phone

Porcelain and Haze are the two color variations of the Pixel Tablet (Image: Google)

Porcelain and Haze are the two color variations of the Pixel Tablet (Image: Google)

The closer Google I/O gets, the more leaks and rumors about Google products are piling up.

Earlier in the week we reported that the Pixel Tablet will ship with a dock, potentially leading to a price hike. A recent leak now gives indications of the extent to which this could happen.

Google is based on the Pixel 7 in terms of hardware and price

The German colleague Roland Quandt from Winfuture shared new information about the Pixel Tablet on Twitter.

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According to his information, the Pixel Tablet will be in two colors be available: »Porcelain« and »Haze«. He also assumes that the tablet will be delivered in two memory variants: 128 and 256 GB.

According to previous information, both versions should 8 GB RAM own. Both tablets are powered by the Tensor G2 processor.

Do these specs sound familiar to you? They are identical to those of the Google Pixel 7. This is also available with 128 or 256 GB of memory and has the same processor and RAM memory.

The overlap doesn’t end there: Quandt assumes that the Pixel Tablet will have a price of 600 to 650 euros will have – and is therefore almost as expensive as the Pixel 7.

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We will find out how solid the leak is at the Google I/O on May 10th, when the company will present the tablet.

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What do you think of the leaked price? In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 costs around 700 euros. You have to keep in mind that the Pixel Tablet comes with a dock with built-in speakers. Is the price justified, cheap or still too high? How much do you think it should cost? Tell us in the comments!

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