Apple could overtake Samsung to become the new smartphone market leader

The success Apple is enjoying with its iPhone 14 range of phones could be just the beginning, with the US giant dethroning Samsung for good.

Hitting directly at the South Koreans’ plans, China’s Xiaomi has just announced the new X Xiaomi 13 range, the first flagship phones based on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. But first-to-market advantage may not be enough, with Apple’s connections with industry partners counting for more in times of adverse economic conditions. So Apple’s ability to deliver more “tempting” offers in subscription packages could make the difference, whether or not the iPhone 14 is a truly successful product.

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According to analysis published by TrendForce specialists, Apple will dethrone Apple by becoming the global smartphone market leader no later than the last quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, for the Q3-2022 quarter the global smartphone market saw a 0.9% jump from the previous quarter, with 289 million fewer units shipped globally.

Traditionally, Apple records spectacular sales increases almost every year-end, driven precisely by a policy based on pricing as low as possible relative to purchasing power in its target markets. Basically, consumers are saving up all year long for the iPhone of their dreams, making the final purchase decision only at the height of the winter shopping season, either for themselves or for a loved one.

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Officially, the Apple vs Samsung market share gap remains at a respectable 4.4%, even for Q4-2022. In practice, the balance will tip from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on the region, with the final outcome to be decided over the next year.

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