Google forced by EU authorities to provide more accurate information through managed services

Google Store, Google Play Store, Google Hotels and Google Flights are just some of the services for which Alphabet is committing to make changes aimed at clearer and more accurate representation of information, in line with European Consumer Protection Legislation.

“We are seeing an increasing number of consumers turning to the internet to book their holidays, make purchases or check out a review. EU consumers have a right to clear and comprehensive information so they can make informed choices,” said EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders in a statement. “The commitments made by Google are a step in this direction.”

Google Flights and Google Hotels will soon make a clear distinction between services offered by Google and cases where it acts as an intermediary for other companies, and clarify when reference prices are used for discounts promoted on the platform. Google will also clarify that reviews for locations found through Google Hotels are not verified by the company. The same transparency commitments will apply to other accommodation platforms, such as and Expedia.

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Similarly, the Google Play Store and Google Store will display clearer information to consumers about delivery costs, right of withdrawal, and availability of repair or replacement options where available. Additional company information will also be provided, including business names, addresses and contact information. Google will also clarify how to access other countries’ versions of the Google Play Store and help improve the accessibility of apps in the EU. Consumers will also be able to use payment methods provided from any EU country.

Google has agreed to limit its right to independently cancel orders or change prices in the Google Store at its discretion. In addition, the US company will communicate directly with European consumer protection authorities to remove illegal content via a dedicated email address.

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