Google cuts Play Store fees for European app developers

Google has announced a 3% reduction in commissions charged for app sales brokered through the Play Store, with most developers who already qualify for the 15% commission set to see the cost reduced to 12%.

However, it’s worth noting that the change only applies to Play Store payments processed from buyers in the European Economic Area, counting 27 countries including Romania, if the payment was brokered through an alternative payment system. However, the discount only applies to non-gaming apps.

The company confirmed that it will not “remove or reject non-gaming app updates” that come from developers who access billing options outside the Google Play billing system.

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This isn’t the first time Google has changed Play Store rules to accommodate third-party billing expectations. Incidentally, Google is now offering an alternative billing option, valid only for users in South Korea, that reduces standard fees by 4%, accommodating local laws that prohibit app stores from restricting third-party payment options on managed platforms.

Google also launched a pilot program for selecting a custom billing system, allowing a small number of developers to access an additional billing system to offer users more ways to pay. Play Stire is the first major app store to offer this facility to app authors.

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