Google Cloud and Polygon join forces to accelerate protocols

New partnership from Google in the ecosystem blockchain. Its cloud services will support all Polygon protocols. A chance for theacceleration of use casesis pleased to say Polygon Labs.

Ethereum, Celo, Solana, Tezos and now Polygon. It is indeed the turn of the famous L2 protocols to be supported by the cloud technologies of Google. The Californian giant has just signed a multi-year strategic partnership with Polygon Labs.

The company sees an opportunity to accelerate the development of all Polygon protocols, including PoS, Supernetsand zkEVM. These will be compatible with GCP cloud infrastructure and its software development tools.

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Making dApps design easier on Polygon

To that end, Google’s Blockchain Node Engine, launching in 2022 first on Ethereum, will provide node owners with a Node hosting service fully managed.

Developers using Blockchain Node Engine will no longer have to worry about configuring or operating their Polygon PoS nodes; they can focus on growth while maintaining full control over where the nodes are deployed,” a statement said.

Freeing developers from managing Polygon PoS nodes

Polygon Labs states that Google Cloud Marketplace already offers since 2021 to developers a method of simplified deployment of a node for their DApps through referencing the blockchain dataset.

Regarding Polygon SupernetsPolygon Supernets, an app-chain dedicated to block space customization, will benefit from an integration by the end of Q3. Polygon Labs will then allow the deployment of a developer network (DevNet) on Google Cloud.

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With Google as provider and Searce To facilitate technical implementation, Polygon Labs also hopes to boost its strategy in the area of zero-knowledge proofs technologies, and in particular Polygon zkEVM.

A boost for gaming, supply-chain and DeFi uses

This partnership with Google is not a surprise. The Startups Cloud Program presented by the Mountain View firm earlier this week already illustrated the links with the ecosystem Polygon.

Under the Scale tier, startups are eligible for its funding.

Today’s announcement with Google Cloud aims to increase transaction throughput enabling use cases in gaming, supply chain management and DeFi,” commented Ryan Wyatt, president of Polygon Labs.

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