Google announces the biggest change to its search engine yet

Since the beginning of Google’s search engine, it has been organized by pages. Initially, these pages were represented by several O’s in the word Google, but later they were numbered. There are jokes online that if your site is on the second page in Google searches, you might not be a real business, but the company seems to be taking these jokes seriously, announcing it is dropping the pages.

Page 2 of Google will no longer be a cause for concern

For the first time in Google’s history, homepage searches are no longer displayed on pages. Just as many websites and online services have ditched pagination in favour of infinite scrolling, so Google is now choosing to display its search results in an infinite list of results.

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When you search for something on Google, you won’t see much difference in the initial display. You’ll see the same ads above the results and the same quick answers that keep you on the Google page, but the list of results seems much longer. In fact, it’s six times as long initially, because as soon as you hit the search button, Google displays as much content as it did before on the first six pages.

Once you get to the end of those results, you get a new button that loads even more results underneath the existing ones. Basically, you don’t have to switch pages to search faster, just scroll down.

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Google says the new search interface should bring relevant results to users using fewer clicks and in a faster manner.

The first to get Google’s new page-free search interface are US users searching for results in English, but over time it will be extended to all users of the search service.

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