Google announces a showcase event for its ChatGPT response, which it will integrate into search

The launch of ChatGPT a few months ago seems to have caught Google in a vulnerable situation, as despite talking for years about its advance in AI, a tangible product of this kind has not been offered. But now, after everyone has seen the AI capabilities of OpenAI, Google seems to be accelerating its plans and has scheduled a showcase event for its competing technologies. It will take place on February 8 and will be streamed live on YouTube.

Google searches could be fundamentally changed by integrating conversational AI

According to those who received invitations to the event, Google plans to reveal how it is using “the power of AI to rethink the way people search, explore and interact with information, making the process more natural and intuitive than ever before, even before you search for what you need.” This suggests that Google will implement its conversational AI into online searches, which sounds similar to what you can do today with ChatGPT, but with the advantage of having it connected to the internet.

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Basically, instead of searching for certain terms in the hope of finding relevant information about them online, you’ll be able to perform more natural language searches, where context might be important in finding relevant information. The format is more about questions and answers than endless lists of links.

Google, however, seems to be reacting more to Microsoft’s announcement that Bing, its search engine, will integrate ChatGPT features, features that were publicly available for a limited time, somewhat by mistake. So Google doesn’t want to be left behind with the advent of new technologies that have the chance to completely change the field that the company has dominated since its emergence in the late 1990s.

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Most likely, AI implemented in search will be the result of the “LaMDA” project the company unveiled a few years ago. This is an advanced language model, and the technologies behind it have been used on the Android platform before for features such as automatically making phone reservations using Google Assistant, or automatically answering and checking calls to ensure they are not automated robo-calls.

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