Google is making YouTube Premium subscriptions more expensive

Starting with the countries most heavily inflated and Family subscription options delivering the most advantageous terms, Google is pricing YouTube Premium subscriptions at over 25% above the current level.

The good news is that users in Romania are not on the list of those who get the price hikes, for now, the bad news is that the current list of countries where the measure applies (Turkey, USA, Canada, UK, Argentina) is set based on inflation, a chapter in which our country does not fare so well.

At the moment, just for consumers in the above-mentioned countries, the YouTube Premium family subscription is going up by $5, from $17.99 to $22.99 per month. Essentially, the Family subscription allows you to connect devices in your household to the same YouTube Premium account, as long as they’re used at the same address.

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While the measure applies after November 21 for existing YouTube Premium subscribers, the new rate is directly applicable to those who opt for the Family subscription now.

This is the first price increase for YouTube Premium subscriptions announced in at least the last four years, when it switched from the YouTube Red branding. The subscription gives users access to ad-free videos and other perks like experiential features, offline streaming and more. The subscription also covers the YouTube Music service, with unlimited access to song collections, support for background playback and zero ads.

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YouTube Family subscriptions allow up to five devices/family members connected to the same account. In the UK, the monthly fee is 39 Lei.

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