Good news! Galaxy Z Fold5 could be bigger and heavier than Fold4

Right now we’re gearing up for the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 flagship series of “traditional” devices, but towards the end of the summer we’re sure to see new Galaxy Z models with foldable screens. No major differences are expected in the 2023 from previous generations, but early unofficial reports say the Galaxy Z Fold5 could be bigger and heavier than last year’s model. This is good news for users, however.

Galaxy Z Fold5 could integrate S-Pen into the casing

According to The Pixel, a Vietnamese tech site, Samsung would prepare the Galaxy Z Fold4 two halves thicker than before. While the Galaxy Z Fold4 came with a 6.3mm profile when open, the Fold5 will use a 6.5mm thick casing. The weight also increases from 263 to 275 grams.

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Those who have been following the rumors about Samsung’s next Fold model probably intuited the reason Samsung might make the decision to make the device bigger: integrating an S-Pen stylus directly into the case. Already for two generations, Z Fold models can use styluses, but they have to be carried separately in a case with a dedicated space for it. In the case of the Galaxy Z Fold5, the S-Pen would be integrated directly into the phone, as we’ve seen in the past on the Note and Galaxy S22 Ultra models.

With more space available inside, Samsung could also integrate a larger battery to offer increased battery life over previous variants, as well as more advanced cameras with larger sensors. Inside, we’ll most likely find a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2, the processor we expect from Qualcomm in the second half of the year.

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Interestingly though, other manufacturers are going in the opposite direction with foldable phones. Xiaomi launched the MIX Fold 2, with a very thin body and weight similar to a regular phone, while Oppo is reducing the size and weight of the Find N2, after the Find N was already among the smallest devices on the “Fold” format.

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