Get a taste of London in your home with Lego’s latest idea set -.

Lego has announced the latest addition to its Ideas line, in the form of a new small set that offers a taste of London. The set is known as the Red London Telephone Box, and as you might infer from that name, lets people build a miniature version of the iconic facility.

The set includes 1,460 parts and even comes with a light brick that can be activated by pressing on the roof of the phone booth. It also includes a few other English elements, including a lamppost with hanging flower baskets, a London street sign attached to a London fence, while the set is built on a cobblestone street. The set also comes with two ways to design the interior of the phone booth, with either a rotary phone or a 1990s-style phone instead.

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The set debuts Feb. 4, 2024 and retails for £99.99 / €114.99.

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