Germany calls Russia’s decision to decree “partial mobilization” over Ukraine war “wrong”

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The Vice Chancellor of Germany, Robert Habeck, has branded Wednesday as “wrong step” the decision of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to decree a “partial mobilization” of the population, in the middle of the war in Ukraine.

Habeck, who is also Minister of Economy, has pointed out that the German government is deliberating its response to Putin’s decision and reiterated Berlin’s support for Kiev in the face of the Russian invasion, as reported by the German daily ‘Der Spiegel’.

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Putin explained that the activities related to this mobilization will start this very Wednesday and stressed that only reservists, mainly those with experience, will be called up. Before being sent to their units, they will receive additional training.

Thus, he has framed the decision in “necessary and urgent measures to protect Russia’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity” and warned that Moscow will use “all means” in case of “threat to the Russian territorial integrity.” “It is not a bluff,” he has concluded.

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