Game Awards returns this year with a new category: when it will take place

Companies already use The Game Awards to showcase movies and series, but now the event will officially recognize those productions.

Organisers have revealed that The Game Awards 2022 will take place on 8 December with a new “best adaptation” category. Companies will receive statuettes for any project that translates games into “popular media,” including movies, TV series, podcasts and books.

The event will not only retain a physical component, but will also expand it into cinemas. The Game Awards will offer a live “IMAX experience” in cities around the world. While more details are expected in the coming months, it’s safe to assume you’ll be treated to a richer audiovisual presentation while watching the ceremonies and game trailers in the cinema.

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Game Awards, December 8

The creation of an adaptation category is not surprising. This year had a number of game-inspired productions, including the Halo TV series, a well-received Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie, and an anticipated Uncharted movie. This gives The Game Awards a chance to capitalize on the trend, of course, but it could also reward those studios that do “justice” to their favorite game franchises.

For reference, on December 9, Epic Games will release “The Matrix Awakens,” a video game exploring “The Matrix Resurrections” universe. As a teaser for both the game and the movie that will be released before Christmas, the developers announced that the game’s demo can be downloaded on game consoles such as the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S.. This could serve as a trump card, since gamers will have a chance to take a look just before The Game Awards.

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Epic chose to develop this game using Unreal Engine 5. The true “power” of this game, built on a next-generation engine, can be experienced to the fullest in the teaser released by the company a few hours ago. “How do we know what’s real?” the character played by Keanu Reeves can be heard saying in the game. What’s more, the game’s graphics are so well done that it does indeed become difficult to distinguish between the actor and his computerized version.

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