Galaxy S23 Ultra could offer a “downgrade” for charging speed over S22

Samsung and Apple, the world’s two biggest smartphone makers, which rank No. 1 and No. 2 in sales, have one big disadvantage compared to the next-place competitors: charging speed. But it looks like this won’t be solved any time soon, at least not with the next generation in Samsung’s case. Recently, a phone that appears to be the Galaxy S23 Ultra was certified in China’s 3C office with charging at a maximum of 25W.

3C certification in China suggests Galaxy S23 Ultra will charge at max 25W

Most recently, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Fold4 models shipped charging at 25W, the same as last year’s models. However, we felt that these models could not be charged at higher power due to the limited space inside the foldable devices. Incidentally, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the company’s current flagship, is compatible with fast charging at 45W, but there too with some limitations.

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For example, charging with a 45W plug adapter isn’t much faster than charging with one at 25W. It seems that maximum power is reached, but only for very short periods, stabilising at much lower values.

Samsung has registered for 3C certification in China a new smartphone model called the SM-S9180, which, according to product codes used by the company in the past, is supposed to be its very next flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It passed the tests, being tested for a maximum charging power of 11V at 2.25A, or 25W. So we don’t expect any charging speed upgrades from the S23 Ultra, but even some downgrading, as it’s now impossible to charge it at higher power with a more powerful plug adapter.

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Of course, a charger of any kind, be it 45W or 25W, won’t be included in the new Galaxy S23 Ultra’s package, as they’ve been missing from all of the company’s high-end devices over the past couple of years, and recently even from mid-range phones.

source: myfixguide

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