Galaxy S23 gets substantial improvements on the photo performance side

Samsung has begun shipping a firmware update for its Galaxy S23 phones with substantial improvements on the photo performance side.

Already received by South Korean users, the firmware update optimises aspects such as video stabilisation and low-light photo performance. Other tweaks include adjusting the image sharpness algorithm and fixing a bug that caused intermittent blurring in photos.

Launched a month ago, the Galaxy S23 series has received generally positive reviews for its photo performance, with the launch firmware free of major issues. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement, with Samsung continuing to bring fine-tuned optimizations and even new features, such as the option to prioritize between speed and more precise image focus, added to the app-companion Camera Assistant. Most optimizations target the S23 Ultra camera, improving video stabilization, image clarity and low-light capture when using the high-resolution (50MP and 200MP) capture modes.

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Samsung has also fixed some less frequent issues, such as a green line appearing in some photos taken using the phone’s rear cameras. At the same time, Samsung is adding an option in the Gallery app to delete photos that are currently being processed.

With appreciable size, from 922.99MB, the firmware patch already distributed in South Korea is likely to make its way to Galaxy S23 users in other regions of the world in the near future.

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