Galaxy S23+ and Ultra appear in “official” images, confirming the final design and colours. PHOTO

Yesterday we got the first images of the Galaxy S23 in the “standard” version, with the smallest screen in the series, and now we have similar images, but with the other two models: S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The images appear to be the very official ones that Samsung usually sends out in the official press release at the time of the phone’s launch. Thus, both the design and available colors for all three Samsung flagship models are confirmed.

Galaxy S23 models come with minor design differences from last year

The Galaxy S23+ is just a larger version of the base model. Aside from the changed proportions, this phone looks largely identical to that variant. We get a bigger screen and the cameras seem to take up less space on the back cover, but otherwise, there are no other changes. And this model is completely flat, with only the edges being slightly rounded for high comfort in use. Incidentally, the base S23 models look very similar to last year’s S22, the major difference being the lack of a camera island, which has been replaced with individual lenses for each sensor.

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Galaxy S23+ Green

In the case of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the differences from the S22 Ultra, if any, are not immediately obvious. Sure, the colors are different, as Samsung offers different shades every year on its phones, but in terms of construction the S23 Ultra is identical to the S22 Ultra. We have the same four extra cameras and sensors on the back without a camera island, the same very subtly curved screen at the edge and matte texture on the back cover.

Galaxy S23 Ultra pink

The differences, however, should be on the inside where, even in Europe, we should get the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and in the case of the S23 Ultra, a 200-megapixel camera will replace the 108-megapixel camera of previous years.

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The launch of all three phones will take place on February 1.

source: Nieuwe Mobiel

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