Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra durability tested with hands-on tests (VIDEO)

The case strength and scratch protection offered by the new Galaxy S23 series has been put to the test with tests no ordinary user would dare attempt.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is undoubtedly one of Samsung’s most desirable phones of the moment, prized for its photo performance, high-quality screen and undeniable strengths on the software package side. With a not exactly modest price of almost 6500 Lei in the Romanian stores, some users wonder more in jest or seriously what can happen to the S23 Ultra if you use it as a “sacrificial” phone, without protective case and with zero measures to preserve the appearance of a new phone. How the case stands up to wear and tear and what happens if you forget your phone in your back pocket and sit down.

The answer was given on the famous YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, “sacrificing” a copy of the Galaxy S23 Ultra fresh out of the box.

In the first test, the S23 Ultra’s screen is “tested” for scratch resistance, scoring 6 points on the MOHS scale, a trivial result that casts doubt on Samsung’s promise of Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protection.

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Protected with a plastic micro-foil, pre-coated at the factory, the phone’s metal frame doesn’t leave much hope for an honourable result on contact with the sharp blade of a box cutter, samsung seeming to think that even the cardboard packaging might be good enough for damage to the glossy finish, achieved using eco-friendly paints. Incidentally, the lacquered-looking coating yields with a distinctive sound, very easily catching the edge of the knife used good in the experiment. Also passed a drop-test on cement, the Galaxy S23 Ultra ended up with similar scratches on the metal frame. Not encouragingly, the buttons can be “pulled out” of the body of the case if hung from the side, the design devised by Samsung engineers using rubberised sealing elements as a replacement for a dedicated retention mechanism.

Well protected in the body of the phone, the S Pen accessory must be handled with care, however, as the recycled plastic casing extracted from fishing nets collected from the ocean floor is surprisingly breakable.

As for the “lighter test”, the S23 Ultra’s screen proved virtually invincible, with the copper foil applied to the back of the screen dissipating heat well enough to prevent permanent damage to the OLED substrate

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The bend test reveals a surprisingly sturdy construction for such a large phone covered in double-sided glass. Despite the author’s best efforts, no sounds indicating cracks can be heard, and none of the surfaces attached with adhesive have come loose.

Reaching out to the “regular” Galaxy S23, the much more compact dimensions would probably favor equally good results in the bend test. But the clip above shows it only tests the strength of the exterior finish. So the S23’s screen won’t be affected by casual contact with keys or coins in your pocket, but it will certainly scratch if you drop it on the floor, or drag it across the surface of a cafe table covered in fine dust and sand particles. The perfectly flat screen is better protected against falling on cement, but you should take advantage of the ease of applying protective foils, possibly in combination with a suitable outer casing.

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