Galaxy A53 already updated to Android 13

The Galaxy A53 is an “honest” mid-range smartphone, even if not a perfect one. For Samsung’s asking price, customers get a phone with OK performance, but with a very good screen and long-term software support, something no other Android device manufacturer can compete with at the moment. Although it’s only been released a few months ago and Galaxy S models have only just started receiving the Android 13 update, Samsung has already started rolling out the OneUI 5.0 update for this mid-range model as well.

Samsung has started rolling out Android 13 on the Galaxy A53

Galaxy A53 users will be getting Samsung’s newest software version in the next few days (if they haven’t already started), just like flagship users. OneUI 5.0 offers a new lock screen customization interface (heavily inspired by the one Apple integrated into iOS 16), along with Android 13 improvements.

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In terms of the overall interface, not much has changed, so if you didn’t like Samsung’s interface in the past, there’s little chance you’ll start to like it now.

Interestingly, though, the Galaxy A53 is a roughly €300 smartphone, released around the summer. Thus, it received the update very quickly, even though it’s a mid-range model. Incidentally, the phone will get long-term software support. Samsung promises four years of system updates and five years of security updates on Galaxy A models, so it will get updates until Android 16 and security updates another year after that.

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Even though the A53’s processor proved to be quite slow in our tests, there are few other phones as easily recommended in this price range, and the extensive software support is one of this device’s major advantages.

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