Gala Games announces an airdrop for the V2 of its token

The Web3 games platform Gala Games will drop a new token said “improved” to holders of GALA next month.

Tonight, Gala Games announced an upcoming airdrop for its new digital play GALA (v2).

On May 15, $GALA (v2) will be dropped 1:1 to all $GALA holders as a new and improved token in the Gala Games ecosystem,” the company wrote on its blog.

The change comes after an upgrade to the Gala token’s Ethereum contract aimed at bringing improvementsincluding new burn mechanisms and more generally more security and scalability.

GALA holders have no action to take and will automatically receive GALA (v2) in their wallet next month. However, they should make sure to Withdraw their GALA placed on liquidity pools or smart contracts before the May 15 snapshot. The old token will thereafter no longer be supported, according to the announcement.

This new era for our GALA sets the stage for a thriving and prosperous ecosystem that benefits all participants,” the U.S. gaming platform Web3 trumpeted.

Over 24 hours, the price of the GALA is registering a 12% increase to $0.048. The native cryptocurrency of the company specializing in gaming and NFTs now have a market capitalization of approximately $330 million.

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Earlier this year, Gala Games was acquiring Ember Entertainment, a US-based mobile game developer.

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