France considers limiting the use of private and business jets

French Transport Minister Clément Beaune has announced that France is considering limiting the use of private planes by individuals and companies for short distances or when rail alternatives exist.

As reported by ‘Le Parisien’ newspaper, the French government has been working since July on a plan to “act and regulate private jet flights” as part of the authorities’ initiatives to curb the energy crisis.

Although no concrete measures are yet known, Beaune has suggested incentives, as well as regulatory and taxation measures, while signaling his intention to present the initiative at the next meeting of European transport ministers, since “the most effective thing” is “to have the same rules” throughout Europe.

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The national secretary of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV), Julien Bayou, already announced on Friday during an interview with the French newspaper ‘Liberation’ his desire to “ban” this type of flights. The French politician will present a bill to this effect in October in the French National Assembly.

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